Congratulations to September and October Vote Top Winners!


1st Place ($30 Store Credit) - justil
2nd Place ($20 Store Credit) - CactusPro
3rd Place ($10 Store Credit) - weobleyrat


1st Place ($30 Store Credit) - MrEcksDee
2nd Place ($20 Store Credit) - AmericanTeeen
3rd Place ($10 Store Credit) - SHERPA_the_DERPA

On behalf of the Prestige staff team, I would like to thank everyone for being patient during this busy time period among us staff members. We are striving to deliver you, the player, the best we can offer.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting the server! Let's hope to continue the support through the month of November!

- sebloc
PrestigeMC Skyblock 2.0 Reset Information


Hello everyone! This season of Skyblock was the first ever for PrestigeMC, and it was a great one! Recently, though, there has been a bit of inattention towards rolling out new features. Or so you think...

We could have introduced these features one by one, but we chose not to for this very reason. We wanted to provide you all with a fresh map to enjoy this greatly enhanced gameplay, along with some sweet new builds and designs. Without further ado, Skyblock 2.0's new features will include:

1. Chunk Hoppers
Chunk Hoppers aim to serve 3 purposes: save you resources, increase your profits, and hopefully decrease strain on the server. Chunk Hoppers are obtained by running /converthopper while holding a normal hopper. To keep the economy balanced, each conversion will cost $5,000 in-game. Donors however can bypass this fee.

These hoppers are special: they will immediately collect all mob and farm drops in the chunk they are in and fill to their capacity, eliminating all waste on your end. They key to these is that less is more! Here is an example:

WITHOUT Chunk Hoppers


WITH Chunk Hoppers

When used right, these can make mob farms and shops a breeze!

2. Mob Coins
Our Mob Coin system works the same as other servers utilizing this feature. For each of a certain mob you kill, there is a chance it will drop a Mob Coin. All mobs that are able to drop mob coins spawn in stacks, but are killed one at a time, making these spawners more valuable. These can then be used to purchase helpful perks and exclusive items through the shop by running /transfer. An example is shown below (items subject to change):


3. Improved Enchanter/Tinkerer
While the style was pretty much kept the same, there have been lots of improvements on the back end. The tinkerer now rewards much more EXP for trading items with custom enchantments applied (exp levels instead of total exp). The Success, Destroy, and Mystery dusts were cleaned up and any problems that existed with them before are gone. We are working on rolling out new enchantments soon too, but they are still being tested. On the way!

4. Player Stats/Competitions
A system for tracking your personal stats has been added, and prizes will be rolled out to those with the highest in respective categories. Use /stats in-game to see for yourself.

5. Miscellaneous
Lots of smaller updates/changes have been made, a brief list being:
  • Design/menu enhancements (/is menu, /shop, /kit, /gkit, and others)
  • New broadcast system
  • Flawless island upgrading system
  • Completely redone crate system (Coming Soon :()

What will reset?
Like any reset, the core aspects of the game will be cleared:
  • Islands
  • Balances
  • Inventories/Enderchests/Vaults
  • Individual perks/upgrades (/fly, /feed, /nick) and kits that were won out of crates or through in-game means
What will NOT reset?
More importantly, things that will not be cleared include:
  • Any individual perks/upgrades and kits purchased on the store and not through in-game means
  • Donor ranks
  • Donor exclusive items (Donors must run /reclaim on join to get these back)
WHEN will Skyblock reset?
We are aiming to reset the server on Friday, September 29th. Once the date is confirmed, this thread will be updated.

EDIT: Skyblock has now reset. The final release time was at 12pm EST on Sunday, October 1st.

What do I do until then?

Expand your island, and fast!!! The Top Island winners will be selected on the day of the reset, so place as many blocks as you can get on your island to increase your levels as much as possible! Only the TOP 5 ISLANDS will win prizes.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment on this thread or ask in Discord. A staff member will be glad to help make your experience in this next map as great as possible! See you then!

- Investments

Congratulations to August's Vote Top Winners!


1st Place ($30 Store Credit) - CactusPro
2nd Place ($20 Store Credit) - justil
3rd Place ($10 Store Credit) - ShortyMC_

All winners will receive their store coupon codes directly from me either in a forum PM or on Discord.

Thanks to everyone for the support of the server this month, and let it continue!

- Investments