Stacked Spawners now live!

If you've been on the Skyblock server in the past 24 hours, youve probably noticed that this has already been info effect. I am just making the official update post now because it has had time to be tested and should now be operational.

This new system, known as "stacked spawners", makes it much easier for you to control where and how you build your mob grinders. When placed in a 1x1 radius, spawners will merge into a single block, but the amount of mobs spawned will be the same as if they were their own separate spawners. When placed with a block in between, they do not stack. An example is shown below.


As you can see, when the stacked spawner is mined, it continues to drop spawners until there are none left.

Enjoy the new updates!

- Investments
Network upgrades completed!

Hello everyone. I know that in the past 48 hours there have many drops in connection to the server, and there was alot of speculation of a DDOS attack. Though these drops certainly resembled one, this was not the case (to those in the Discord, do not be fooled by some weirdo from the netherlands making false claims). It was simply some small issues with the tunneling of the packets in communication with the server, in which connections timed out after a certain amount of time.

These issues have (hopefully) all been fixed. Ive worked quite a bit in making sure that not only these issues would not persist, but also that everyone would experience a much better connection to the server. Ive even performed some moderate optimizations to Skyblock, cause why not.

Hope you all enjoy our new and improved network, and if you have any further issues the team would love to hear about them in either the forum section of the site or the Discord.

- Investments
Welcome everyone!

To those who may not know me, I am Investments. PrestigeMC as a server has been live since about the end of July. In that time, the community has grown at an incredible rate, and though our Discord server served us extremely well, it was time to find a proper, official home (a CSS landing page I threw together to redirect people to the Discord just wasn't cutting it ;)).

I encourage all players of the server to register to the new site, or if you prefer to simply read-only and skip the hassle that's ok too.

To those coming here fresh, I would also encourage you to join the Discord, as it is still a great way to interact with the community. If you're interested, read the #announcements channel, as all updates to the network prior to today were posted there.

Thanks for giving this a read, and heres to more!